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DanceCos Tanning Company, the company with the personal touch, is dedicated to providing dancers with the tanning and associated products they both want and deserve and all products are developed to meet the needs of all dancers.

There is the choice of lotion, liquids and sprays: waterproof developing products or the instant liquid and spray on which can be washed off.

Looking good and feeling good are always important qualities as they not only increase confidence but also enhance the performance however DanceCos products are not just "make up" or beauty aids.

Mira Franz (Abtout), the owner of the company, for years attended exhibitions and dance festivals such as Blackpool and the German Open talking to dancers from all over the world and listening to their needs and wishes.

It was in 2007 that DanceCos Tanning Company was launched and since then there has been the phenomenal growth of the company with dancers appreciating the quality of the products together with the very personal service.

There are some dancers reported sensitive skins and having problems and to meet their needs DanceCos Team specially developed the spray ons which give that sexy and instant dark brown shimmer without irritation. Suitable for both Standard (Ballroom) and Latin styles many of the top stars in the dance world have turned to DanceCos to supply their tanning products, enhance their performance and give them that extra confidence and sparkle.

The popularity of the products has spread from Europe across the world and there are many retailers representing DanceCos worldwide from whom the products can be purchased. The DanceCos products can be of course obtained from our online shop.

Dance Cos Tanning Company is a listening company and continually works to develop new products and concepts to meet the needs of the dancers. We are proud to support and sponsor some wonderful and brilliant dancers who help in promoting, and are testimony to, the quality of the Dance Cos Tanning Company products.

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